Latest Updates on Afghanistan 18th December 2018; Taliban Negotiating with Afghanistan Government in Abu Dhabi UAE

Wednesday, 19 December 2018 - 22:17

Ithar 10 operation in north of Afghanistan, presence of 16,910 foreign soldiers in Afghanistan, Army operation in southern provinces

1. Ithar (sacrifice) 10 operation in north of Afghanistan
Commander of 209th Falcon Corps mentioned that from a while ago an operation”Ithar 10″ has started in Sare Pol, Jozjan and Faryab provinces.

Goals of the operation to be securing main roads of Faryab-Jozjan, defeating the enemy and reviving security outposts of the region.
209th Falcon Corps was established in 2004 and is responsible for nine provinces in north and northeast of Afghanistan. 209th Falcon Corp collaborates with NATO TAAC North force which is led by Germany.


2. Faryab:
Afghani Army reported to clear up 20 villages in Andkhuy and Qarghan cities Faryab province during Ithar 10.

Three Taliban members killed.


3. 16,910 foreign soldiers present in Afghanistan.
NATO published a list of their and US soldiers and personnels who present under different operations in Afghanistan; USA with 8,475 personnels has the highest number.


4. Qandhar, Zabul and Uruzgan.
According to 205th Atul Corps during Afghani Army operation in Qandhar, Zabul and Uruzgan provinces 25 Taliban members killed.
Commandment of 205th Corps is in Qandhar and they are responsible for southern provinces of Qandhar, Uruzgan, Nimrouz, Zabul and Helmand.


5. Taliban negotiations with Government in Abu Dhabi UAE
From yesterday Afghanistan peace negotiations have started in Abu Dhabi between Afghani Government team, KhalilZad US special representative in Afghanistan, Pakistani, Emirates and Saudi representatives with Taliban. According to information, Taliban team has abstained to directly talk with Afghani team.

It is said that Taliban representatives claimed that they only accept US six months ceasefire offer only if a temporary government is formed and the head is from Taliban.

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