Syrian Army Enter Al Arimah Town, West of Manbij

Tuesday, 25 December 2018 - 21:11

Islamic World News Analysis Group: According to local sources, today afternoon, units of Syrian Army troops and equipment entered Al Arimah town in north east of Aleppo province.

Last March and during the Turkey’s “Euphrates Shield Operation”, the Syrian Army forces had entered the areas under the control of the Kurds in western Al Arimah to prevent the advance of the Turkish forces to Al Arimah town, and so far the SAA have been present in western Al Arimah.


Speculation suggests that the arrival of Syrian army equipment and forces in Al Arima, following the Kurdish officials’ negotiations with the Damascus government, is part of an agreement between the parties.

It is anticipated that in the near future, US troops will leave the city of Manbij and the Syrian army will enter the city.


It should be noted that the pro-militants medias have denied the arrival of Syrian army in the town of Al Arimah; however, if the claim is correct, it will not change anything. Syrian Army units have been deployed to the area and more developments are about to come in the north-eastern Syrian regions.

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