The Talks between Iran and Taliban; Was the Afghanistan’s Government Informed of these Negotiations?

Monday, 31 December 2018 - 23:05

Islamic World News Analysis Group: On Monday, a delegation from Taliban held talks with Iranian delegation, with the leadership of MFA’s Political Deputy, in Tehran, about peace plan of Afghanistan

Bahram Qasemi, the Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman in the press conference today, in response to a question about Iran’s negotiations with Taliban, Answered:

“After Shamkhani’s visit to Afghanistan, yesterday a Taliban’s delegation was in Tehran and they had a lengthy negotiations with Iranian delegation, under Mr.Araqchi’s headship.

Regarding to these facts that 50% of Afghanistan’s territory is under Taliban’s control, and lack of security and instability in Afghanistan, with informing Mr. Ashraf Ghani, these negotiations were held.

The main goal is to find a solution or facilitating grounds in order to help Intra-Afghani & State talks for advancing the peace process.

The Islamic Republic of Iran as a neighbor of Afghanistan and an important key role in the region for establishing peace, with the knowledge of state of Afghanistan, have announced its readiness to play an important role for establishing stability and peace in Afghanistan.

This action does not mean that we are aligned with Taliban, and regarding to the dangerous conditions of the region, it was necessary for these talks to happen and to see if it is possible to help the Afghanistan’s government in this matter or not.

The negotiations were lengthy and important. We hope that these negotiation be fruitful for our friend and brother nation of Afghanistan, and to consolidate stability and security in this country.”


Bahram Ghasemi, in response to another reporter that asked “Regarding Taliban being a terrorist, won’t these talks be bad for Iran?”, answered:

“These talks happened with the knowledge of state of Afghanistan. We are trying to facilitate the talks between Afghan groups and state of Afghanistan. Ultimately, we are seeking to see a more stable Afghanistan.

We are not the only country that talked with Taliban; many European and region’s country have relations with Taliban. Iran is not the first and only country that have held talks with Taliban.

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