Investigating ISIS Activities in West of Asia in the Last Three Months

Tuesday 5 February 2019 - 16:35

In this report 930 attacks recorded according to official ISIS statements and Amaq network from different regions. Red color shows higher number of attacks.

As indicated in heat map, most of ISIS activities took place in east of Euphrates lands and were mainly IED’s and assassinations, also ambushes.

Bombing in Raqqah are noteworthy.
In previous reports, it was mentioned that ISIS activities are limited to east of Euphrates River or close to it and there is no significant activities inside Syrian Government controlled lands.

In fact, contrary to expectations, insecurity in areas where the US Coalition forces are present are more than the areas that are not in control of the Coalition!


Most of ISIS activities and attacks are taking place in north of Salah Al Din province and south of Kirkuk and Hawijah area. ISIS activities near Baiji are noteworthy.
ISIS members were under siege lastly in Hawijah area and ISIS continuous activities in these areas indicating that Iraqi security forces operations to clearing the area have not been effective much.
ISIS attacks in Mosul are mainly bombing, increasing number of these attacks is worrying.
ISIS has intense activity in north of Diyala province in Khanaqin area and in Anbar province in Fallujah area.


Egypt, Sinai Peninsula:
Sinai Peninsula is still the biggest threat to security of Egypt and ISIS activities in Egypt are limited to this area.
ISIS attacks take place in three regions: Al Arish, Rafah and Sheikh Zuwaid as before.

During recent weeks Israeli fighters attacked ISIS positions in the area.


Most of ISIS activities in Afghanistan are in eastern part in the form of bombs and assassination in Kabul and near Jalal Abad.
Overall ISIS terrorist group is present in eastern regions specially in Nangarhar province and there were engagements with Taliban. Kabul is constantly under threat of ISIS suicide bomb attacks.


Other regions:
North of Baydha province (north of Rada’) in Yemen, Mogadishu in Somalia, Libya and Borno state in Nigeria and northeastern borders of the country are areas that in the last 30 days, ISIS was active in with bomb, assassination and other forms of attacks.

Among these areas, Borno state in Nigeria was attacked the most and as time went on, the number of attacks increased.


Map by Tomasz Rolbiecki

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