Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 14 February 2019

Thursday, 14 February 2019 - 20:15

ISIS enlisting officer arrest, US Defense Minister unexpected visiting Kabul, Taliban’s attacks intensified in Ghazni

1. ISIS enlisting officer in Kabul was arrested
According to intelligence sources, “Abu Ubaydullah Mutevakkel “, university professor and Muhammadiha grand mosque pastor, who was enlisting youths for ISIS, was arrested by security forces.


2. Takhar:
Due to Taliban’s attack to a security watch post at the center of Khaje Ghar, Takhar province, four police forces are killed and 11 wounded.


3. US Minister of Defence in Kabul
Patrick M. Shanahan, US Minister of Defence, entered Kabul capital of Afghanistan on Monday unexpectedly.


4. Farah:
Due to Taliban’s attack to a security watch post in Tut and Chakak areas in Bala Boluk, Farah province seven security forces were killed and five wounded. Security situation in Farah province is not good.


5. Ghazni:
Officials of Ghazni province reported that Taliban’s attacks to security watch posts have increased in Ghazni, while it was reported that operation has been started to clear Khaja Omri and Andar in the last week.

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