Iran, Russia and Turkey Tripartite Summit in Sochi + Most Important Points of Final Statement

Friday, 15 February 2019 - 18:25

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Thursday afternoon, tripartite summit about Syria’s evolutions between Iranian, Russian and Turkish presidents took place in Sochi, Russia.

It was the fourth Summit and topics such as joint fight against terrorism and maintaining peace, Syrian refugees return process and establishing political stability in Syria were discussed. At the end of the Summit a joint statement was signed by all three presidents.


Most important points of Sochi Summit joint statement:
– Emphasis on necessity of tripartite collaboration.
– Emphasis on adherence to independence, administration, unity and territorial integrity of Syria.
– Rejecting any effort to open new fields in the name of fighting terrorism.
– Determination to confront separatist activities.
– Addressing that US leaving Syria, if happens, results in Syria’s stability and security enhancement.
– Showing concerns about “Tahrir Al Sham”(Jabhat Al Nusra) efforts to increase their control over Idlib.
– Agreement on effectively confronting “Tahrir Al Sham’s”(Jabhat Al Nusra) activities in Idlib and endeavor to decrease ceasefire violation cases.
– Examining northeast of Syria
– Emphasis that there is no military solution to Syria’s crisis.
– Showing penchant to establish the Constitutional Committee of Syria as soon as possible.
– Showing interests in second round of POWs exchange.
– Emphasis on reviving normal and peaceful life in Syria.
– Agreement on planning to have next Astana Summit in April.
– Emphasis on tripartite collaboration in trade and economy.
– Condemning last night attack by terrorists in Sistan and Baluchestan province, Iran.
– Agreement on next tripartite summit in Turkey.

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