Latest Updates on Tripoli 13 April 2019

Sunday 14 April 2019 - 04:48

ISWNews Analysis Group: Heavy engagements in southern suburbs of Tripoli continue between LNA and GNA and Khalifah Haftar forces advancing slowly.

In the latest developments in the southern city of Tripoli, on the axis of Ain Zara, the Libya National Army took control over the Yarmouk military camp again.

Heavy clashes continue in this axis.

In Swani axis, LNA forces took control of Swani bridge and heavy enagagements continue in the area. Both side claiming that they have Swani town on their control.

Also LNA forces opened a new axis north of Swani and are advancing toward Soq(market) Karimiyah. Many people are leaving the neighborhoods around al-Samba Street because of increased conflicts.


Libyan Red Crescent has announced that since the beginning of the conflict, 284 families have been evacuated from various conflict zones around Tripoli.


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