Yemen’s Ansar Allah Unveiled a New Advanced Ballistic Missile: Badr-F + Video

Tuesday, 16 April 2019 - 19:02

ISWNews Analysis Group: Spokesman for the Armed Forces of Yemen on the first anniversary of death of Saleh Ali al–Sammad, chairman of the Ansar Allah, announced a new guided version of Ansar Allah ballistic missile, Badr-F.

According to the statement, their new Badr-F ballistic missile will have a range of 160km, which is a nearly 30km increase from their old version of the Badr P-1 missile.



The new missile Badr-F specifications listed as below:

– Range: 160 km

– Explodes 20 meter above the target

– Blast radius: 350 meter of shrapnel

– Shrapnel amount: 14,000 pieces

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