Latest Military Updates on Tripoli, Libya; 30 April 2019

Tuesday 30 April 2019 - 18:01

ISWNews Analysis Group: Government of National Accord forces advancing in Aziziyah front captured Soq al Sabt and Sabi’ah.

After several attacks by GNA to Tripoli International Airport and failure in claiming it, GNA forces trying to capture the airport by advancing in areas south of the airport. Currently, with the capture of Sabi’ah, the southern road to Qasr ibn Ghashir and the airport of Tripoli have been cut off.
A few days ago there were attacks against Libyan National Army in Soq al Ahad in northeast of the airport but were repelled. There is a possibility of an all aspect attack to Tripoli Airport considering the current situation.


In the Ayn Zara axis, Yarmouk camp is still under control of GNA but LNA could advance significantly in Khillat al Furjan neighborhood in north and northeast of Yarmouk camp.
It is noteworthy that yesterday LNA spokesperson reported that GNA hit ammunition caches in Yarmouk camp which confirms GNA control over Yarmouk camp.


The situation in Zatarnah front is unclear. After capturing Zatarnah in southeast suburbs of Tripoli in Wadi Rabia axis by LNA, there are news that GNA preparing to reclaim it. There are no confirmed news about reclaiming Zatarnah by GNA.


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