Latest Military Situation in Kafr Nabuda Front, Northern Hama + Map

Thursday 9 May 19 - 08:31

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Syrian Army succeeded in extend its dominance over the important city of Kafr Nabuda in the northwest of Hama.

In the last three days, Russian and Syrian warplanes and Syrian artillery were hitting northwestern parts of Hama including Qalaat Madhiq, Kafr Nabuda, Hobit, Kafr Zita and Lataminah with large amount of fires.
Wednesday morning Syrian Army started the operation to liberate Kafr Nabuda city and could repel rebels from the city; they entered the city without much resistance and claim a large portion of the city.
In the last 24 hours, Syrian Army took complete control over Kafr Nabuda city and last night militants could not enter the city and their attacks also repelled by the Army.
Kafr Nabuda city is one of the main logistic routs of militants between Khan Shaykhun, Qalaat Madiq and militants of Al Ghab Plain and now by cutting the route, Syrian Army has the upper hand in the region.
There are two directions to move toward Hobit and or Qalaat Madiq. It is favorable for Syrian Army that each of them has a different result and strategy for continuination of battle on south of Idlib.
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