Iran building new crossing on Syria border near Al Bukamal?

Saturday 25 May 2019 - 00:39

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Israeli satellite company, ImageSat Intl, has published new photo from the Abu Kamal-Al Qaem border region, and claimed that it is a new border-crossing passage established by Iran.

Although the Fox News made so much noise about this border crossing passage photos based on Israeli company, but establishing an alternative road for “AlQaem-Albukamal border crossing” is not surprising, because the mentioned passage is not operational for the damages it got, and also making it operational would not be a suitable option for Iran because of American forces presence.
Considering the recent agreement between Iran-Iraq-Syria about creating a new transit route from Tehran to Damascus, establishment of necessary Infrastructure for a suitable route without disturbing!, is of basic requirements for this agreement…

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