Iraq in the Past Week; Summary of News

Friday, 28 June 2019 - 18:38

Attack on Bahrain embassy; Tukey’s airstrike in northern Iraq, the Iraq’s Hezbollah response to American cyber attack, and some other important headlines of Iraq.

– Lots of Iraqi people attacked Bahrain embassy in Baghdad and brought down its flag in response to the Anti-Palestinian summit, “Deal of the Century”, which will take place in Manama, the capital of Bahrain.
After these events, the Bahrain government summoned its ambassador. According to the Iraqi sources 54 were detained in these events.
-The Turkish warplanes performed an airstrike in Qandil mountain near to Emadiyah city, located in northern Iraq, which is under the control of Iraqi Kurdistan. As the result of these attacks 5 people from this region got killed and others are injured.
– Nechirvan Barzani’s trip, the new head of Iraqi Kurdistan, to Turkey, and his visit with President of Turkey after his trip to Baghdad
– Muqtada Sadr’s silent trip to Iran
– The interior minister & defense minister were chosen and minister of education of Adel Abd-AlMahdi ‘s cabinet on the other hand, after several months of formation of government, didn’t.
– Two American officials claimed that the U.S. performed a cyber attack against telecommunication network of Iraq’s Hezbollah brigades in Iraq and Syria in order to weaken them and prevent their relations with Iran.

Hezbollah brigades said that these attacks were ineffective and there will be a mutual response for this attack.
– Barham Saleh the president of Iraq in his interview with CNN: Iraq won’t let its bases, under any circumstances, to be used against neighbouring countries.
– The massive operation of Iraq’s joint forces for re-cleaning the desert western provinces and its border line with Syria, in different operations.
– Preventing ISIS from attacking and infiltration on Al Maita-Al Hawi axis, Diyala province by Hashd al-Sha’bi.
– ISIS hidden cells attacks on a village in Abbasi district of Kirkuk and the killing of several people in the area.
– Terrorist explosion in Baghdad; several civilian were martyred.
– Resignation of Ammar Hakim from the Coalition for “Reform and Construction”.
– Severe security measures inside and outside of the Balad Air Base, the largest Iraqi airbase after the June 15 rocket attack on the base. US forces are stationed at this base too.

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