Two Turkish Soldiers Killed in Southern Idlib, Syria

Friday, 28 June 2019 - 20:06

ISWNews Analysis Group: Yesterday, Turkish observation post in Sher Mughar in southern Idlib was targeted by artillery fire and two Turkish troops were killed following the attack.

Its said that Turkish observation post have been targeted by the Syrian army.

The Turkish observation post in Sher Mughar has become a commanding room and a safe haven for terrorists in the southern Idlib and northwest of Hama, and despite the Syrian army’s operation in this axis, the Turkish Army has said it will not retreat from the area.

At the moment Syrian Army does not advance towards Sher Mughar due to this problem, and this vacuum will provide enough space and opportunity for terrorists to attack the Syrian Army from this area.
The picture of two Turkish troops which killed in southern Idlib:

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