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The Details of the Deal of the Century Pertaining to Jordan
Middle East, News, Opinion, Palestine 12 July 2019

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The details of the deal pertaining to Jordan:
– At first Jordan was supposed to be invested in by 45 billion dollars in the form of solar farms, expanding aerial, ground and maritime transportation, drinking water infrastructure, education, etc.
– In return some of Palestinians living in Jordan and the Western Bank would become Jordanian citizens and receive Jordanian passport and ID.
– “Haq al Oudah” or Palestinian right of return which was recognized by international organizations for most of Palestinian refugees is canceled.
– Holy Quds is completely left to Zionists and naturally Jordan’s King is no longer its guardian.
This situation is obviously dangerous for Jordan’s King. Since granting citizenship to Palestinians living in Jordan, who are more than Jordanians, can lead to change of demography and political situation in future.
This is where the issue of USA supporting the kingdom of King Abdullah and his family in future which can be guaranteed by military presence of USA was proposed.
But two important things made King Abdullah very worried:
Firstly, news leaked regarding establishing a confederation (read a new country) of Palestine-Jordan from Saudi and Emirati summits. That if the return right of Palestinians is canceled, the host and guest are swapped.
Secondly, surface of a coup by UAE intelligence service against King Abdullah using Haya bint Hussein, sister of Jordan’s King and wife of Dubai’s Emir, that surprisingly not only is rejected, but also more details about it are revealed. These days in British media the top news is escape of Dubai’s Emir’s wife to UK and requesting refugee from Germany. It seems Mohammed bin Zayed, Prince of Abu Dhabi, has bated Haya bint Hussein to keep his own name clear but to stain Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s credit and weakening his position in UAE and in international scene.
Under these circumstances, USA is pressing King Abdullah to participate in Manama summit, which is against his sovereignty but cannot say no and tries his best to be the person who proposed establishing the Palestine government.
Before this, King Abdullah, disappointed of Saudi-UAE axis, tried to get closer to Russia and Turkey and sent messages to Iran but very soon saw the result in the form of protests in the streets. This time Saudis reminded him that our helps depend on your total obedience.
Finally Manama summit was held while Jordan has to participate. Interestingly Kuwait did not participate with a clear message from the parliament which even set Israel’s flag on fire. This severe breach from Kuwait in front of Saudi-UAE-USA was not predictable. Oman and Qatar did not participate, ad well.
The outcome was disappointing and no news of 45 billion dollars investment in Jordan but only 7 billion dollars! And the total investment in the Western Bank, Gaza, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan was only 50 billion dollars, while only Jordan’s debt is 40 billion dollars.
It was natural that even Kushner confesses the summit was a failure…


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