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Tuesday 5 November 2019 - 20:50

A Short Remark on the Agreement of Riyadh

Hours ago, an agreement was signed at Al Yamamah Palace in Riyadh with the presence of Mohammed bin Salman (Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia), Mohammed Bin Zayed (Crown Prince of Emirate of Abu Dhabi) and Mansour Hadi (the president of resigned government of Yemen).

Friday 12 July 2019 - 13:38

The Details of the Deal of the Century Pertaining to Jordan

Read: “A Prelude to the Role of Jordan in the “Deal of the Century” for Palestine”   The details of the deal pertaining to Jordan: – At first Jordan was supposed to be invested in by 45 billion dollars in the form of solar farms, expanding aerial, ground and maritime transportation, drinking water infrastructure, education, […]