A Short Remark on the Agreement of Riyadh

Tuesday 5 November 2019 - 20:50

Hours ago, an agreement was signed at Al Yamamah Palace in Riyadh with the presence of Mohammed bin Salman (Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia), Mohammed Bin Zayed (Crown Prince of Emirate of Abu Dhabi) and Mansour Hadi (the president of resigned government of Yemen).

– Agreement of Riyadh considering all the differences and gaps between Southerners and Mansour Hadi’s resigned government is a good news for Saudi coalition and a bad news for AnsarAllah.

– A positive move for Saudi coalition since the enemies of AnsarAllah reunite again and can put more pressure on AnsarAllah specially in southern front.

– Bad news for AnsarAllah since the coalition can operate not only in the northern border but also in southern provinces. This is not new for AnsarAllah however and before Southerners and Mansour Hadi confront each other, it was the situation for five years. But the struggle between these two groups was a good opportunity for AnsarAllah to reclaim strategic lands in south.

– In general we can say that leaders of the Saudi coalition with media supporting of chaos in Lebanon and Iraq, and also peace show off in Riyadh between two of their dogs (Southerners and Mansour Hadi) are actually pretending to be kind father of the region specially Yemen.

– It will be clear soon how effective is this agreement. We should remember that some of Mansour Hadi’s supporters such as Al-Maysari and Al-Jabwani are not happy with giving privileges to Southerners. Southerners and their main support, i.e., will not sit still until they reach what they want. Al Qaeda, ISIS, Mahrah tribes and southern separatists who are not benefiting from this agreement will try to destroy it.

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