Statement by the General Command of the Syrian Armed Forces About Resumption of the Military Operation in Idlib

Monday, 5 August 2019 - 20:23

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Syrian Army today issued a statement announcing the resumption of the military operation in Idlib region because of militants non-compliance to ceasefire.

“Despite the Syrian Military’s agreement to a ceasefire in the De-escalation zones which started on August 1st, the Turkish-backed refused to comply with the ceasefire and launched multiple attacks on civilian targets around the de-escalation zones.
This continues actions of the Turkish regime allowing their backed terrorist organizations to continue their attacks and aggression is yet another proof of Ankara’s destructive role as well as their non-compliance of their commitments toward the Sochi agreement regarding Idlib; which has only allowed terrorism to spread in the Syrian territories.
Based on the fact that the Syrian command agreed on a ceasefire conditioned by Turkish compliance of Sochi agreement, and since that was not honored despite the efforts of the Syrian Arab Republic; the Syrian Arab Armed Forces will resume their offensive operations against terrorist organizations regardless of their name or origins, fulfilling by that the constitutional duty.”

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