Will Jaish Al Izzah Be Dissolved?

Saturday, 24 August 2019 - 11:18

ISWNews Analysis Group: After terrorists’ humiliating defeats in north of Hama and south of Idlib, now there are news of dissolution of some of these groups.

In the battles of the last three months, different militant groups have suffered heavy casualties in personnel and equipment.
One of these groups is terrorist group “Jaish Al Izzah” which was very active in northwest of Hama and specially near Kafr Nabuda, Kaft Zita and Latamina before Syrian Army’s operation. With this defeat against Syrian Army, they almost lost all the troops and equipment.
It is said that this group had 2500 troops and more than 25 heavy vehicles such as tanks and armored vehicles before Syrian Army’s operation in northwest of Hama. But now after the defeat in recent engagements, after heavy casualties and separated troops, now they only have 500 personnel left and from vehicles only 2 left.
Thus, if this group wouldn’t be reinforced by its Turkish brothers!, it will be either dissociated or dissolved in other groups. Syria has been shown to be land of coalition between different groups from one defeat to another!

The white areas are the main areas of Jaish Al Izzah in the northwest of Hama province and south of Idlib province before the Syrian military operation. All these areas were liberated by Syrian Army in the last three months.

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