Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 13 September 2019

Saturday 14 September 19 - 06:53

Latest news of frontlines and security officials indetermination to repel Taliban’s attacks

1. Takhar:
– Heavy engagement between security forces and Taliban in Yangi Qala, Khaja Ghar and Darqad districts.
Taliban’s attack in Khaja Gha was repelled by security forces but towns Yangi Qala and Darqad fell.
Security forces retreated to prevent further casualties, reportedly.
2. Badakhshan:
– Yamgan district is liberated from Taliban after 4 years.
–Kuran Wa Munjan district were also liberated from Taliban by people’s immobilization and uprising.
3. Balkh:
– Local sources reported that officials ordered the forces to retreat from important village Siah Ab and leaving it to Taliban without engagement. By this advance, Taliban has access to east of Shulgara district.
4. Farah:
– Anar Dara district that was occupied by Taliban a few days ago was reclaimed by security forces again.
5. Kabul:
– A suicide bomber detonated his car against entrance of the Army’ Special Ops Corps in Rishkhor, an area between Kabul city’s PD-7 and Chahar Asiab district, in south of Kabul city.
Four ANA soldiers martyred and three other wounded.
Taliban took responsibility of the attack.

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