Latest Update on Afghanistan, 13 October 2019

1. Takhar:
According to comments by Merajuddin Sadat, commander of security forces of Takhar, Shahr-e Kohne and 5 villages near it are reclaimed from Taliban.
In this operation 10 Taliban members killed and 8 others wounded.

2. Maydan Wardak:
– Raz Mohammad, governor of Jagto town in Kabul was assassinated.

3. Zabul:
– Taliban is claiming to occupy Day Chopan town. Local officials reject it by changing the governorate location.
– Security forces launched an operation Razeq to clear the occupied lands.

4. Latest news of president election:
– Election Commission: The results will be announced on the promised date.
– Nurestani, head of the commission:
I was threatened to death by an election campaign which involves in cheating.
– Gulbuddin Hekmatyar : Two third of Ashraf Ghani votes are fake. If biometric votes are considered valid, Ghani is ranked 3.

5. Balkh:
Molawi Hayatuddin a sunni scholar was assassinated by unknown armed members.


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