Anti-Zionist Speech of Kuwait National Assembly Speaker

Wednesday, 16 October 2019 - 10:37

ISWNews Analysis Group: Marzouq Ali al-Ghanim, speaker of National Assembly of Kuwait said in the Inter-Parliament Union conference in Belgrade: “International society silence about crimes against nations of the region specially Palestine is disappointing and if the situation continues, it may lead to explosions(more chaos) and the consequences for the world.”

He added:
– Everybody here first recalls the pain of Palestinians and Zionist regime colonizing, since this is the oldest occupation of a country. No other state has violated the laws and resolutions of UN as much as Israel had done.

– Those who claim they don’t support Zionists, I tell them: the assaulting regime doesn’t commit crime by support of only a few countries but since the regime knows other countries are silent about it, dares to do any crime.

– Silence doesn’t mean being neutral but it means encouraging Zionist regime to continue its crimes.

– During the recent years, whenever we talked about discrimination, we talked about Israel, whenever we talked about refugees, we talked about Israel, whenever we talked about violating children’s right, we talked about Israel and Israel is the example and for all of them.

– Today we talk about international laws and how to strengthening them while Zionist regime is acting above laws of UN and the regime that has been passed the most resolutions against. We are facing a regime that all the human rights organizations, peace activists, environment fans and all of humans find it an example of violating human rights.

– Nations of Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa they all condemn Zionist regime but we cannot do anything yet against its crimes.

– Two years ago in the same conference we participated and we saw that one sided Quds was announced as the regime’s new capital yet we didn’t so anything and Golan heights was recognized as part of Israel yet we didn’t do anything and today we are here while Zionist PM talks about coalescing parts of the West Bank of Jordan River to the regime.

– What comes next? Do we stay silent? What is the message of this silence to Palestinians?

– With this silence you spread disappointment, terrorism and occupation and they might result in the eruption in nations which is stronger than atomic bomb and no one will be safe from it.

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