Sayed Hasan Nasrollah Regarding Recent Evolutions of Lebanon

Saturday 19 October 2019 - 20:22

ISWNews Analysis Group: Lebanon’s Hezbollah Secretary General addressed the recent developments in Lebanon at the rally of Arbaeen near the shrine of the daughter of Imam Hussein (AS) in Baalbek.

– After several centuries of martyrdom of Imam Hussain, there are still people who affirm the complaint of oppressed and come to the field.

– Baalbek was a route for captives of Ashura and Baalbek people helped the captives caravan and after many years they proved they are still active in the war between truth and falsehood.

– Some politicians in Lebanon do not accept their responsibility over the situation and accuse others.

– Economic situation of Lebanon right now was not shaped in an hour or a day or a month but result of several reasons that accumulated several years and all those who had a position in the last 30 years or have position right now should accept their responsibilities and help to solve the current situation; resigning is the easiest way out of it but they should stay and do their tasks.

– There are two major threats for Lebanon; first is the economic collapse the second is people’s protest that might erupts due to wrong doings.

– The most important result we can draw from the protests in these two days is that people won’t accept new taxes and costs and most of Lebanese are poor.

– The issue is not who is the head of the government but the way the country is managed. When people decide something, politicians should obey.

– This is not right for the government to change the new costs and taxes.

– Recent decisions only hurt low income class and doesn’t affect rich people, Lebanese only accept it, if it affects everyone.

– We face the criticise that people do not trust politicians. We do not support resignation of current government and the reason is that it is not possible the new government to start in a year or even few years.

– Some talk about firing the current government and form a technocrat government, I should say a technocrat government does not survive for even two weeks, anyone who supports such a government, will be the first to demand its resignation.

– An early parliament election is not useful, same parliament will be elected. If the current government cannot solve the issues, no other government can.

– Hezbollah did not plan protests against banks, as they said.

– We heard your painful voice and your message relayed to the government loud and clear, government should act upon.

– Hezbollah respects your scream and protests.

– These protests were public rage. The importance of this movement was because no party, organization or embassy was behind it and it was honest.

– If the time comes that Hezbollah comes to streets, you’ll see us and everything will change, if it’s necessary to come to the street to object the new taxes and costs, we come and until the goals are not met we stay.

– in the current situation all departments of the government should collaborate and do not avoid their responsibilities. Anyone who avoid their task should be convicted.

– Some political groups trying to confront the president and force him to leave, I should tell them that you are wasting everyone’s time and you can’t do this.

– We support our people and nation in Hezbollah and won’t allow anyone to out the country in harm and we announce our allegiance to the way of truth, our nation and people and won’t leave oppressed alone and we warn the protesters to not let any party or group to abuse their movement.

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