Latest Updates on Syria, 28 October 2019

Monday 28 October 2019 - 21:59

Latest news from Syria’s frontlines

1. Idlib
Russian warplanes struck Kafr Nubl and Hazarin village in south of Idlib. Pro-militant media reported of three person killed in these airstrikes.

2. Hasakah:
– Syrian Army has complete control over 90 km of border area in east of Ras al-Ain until Qamishli.
– Clashes and fire exchange between SDF and Turkey-led forces in villages Tawilah and Saklawiyah in south of Ras al-Ain.
– Turkey-led forces claimed that three Syrian Army forces were killed in Manajir village.

3. Raqqah:
New units of Syrian army deployed in Ayn Issa area, north of Raqqah province.

4. Aleppo:
Clashes between Turkish backed forces and SDF were reported in south of Jarablus.

5. Deir Ezzor:

Syrian Army officials inaugurated Mari’iyah bridge over Euphrates in presence of Russian officials. This bridge connects Mari’iyah and Marat villages and can bear military vehicles. (image)

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  1. kk says:

    Is Mari’iyah bridge a new bridge?
    Google Earth shows that one bridge has been in that place since April 2018.

    1. Mirza says:

      Maybe an improvement…