Leader of Islamic Republic of Iran Reaction to Incidents of Iraq and Lebanon

Wednesday, 30 October 2019 - 20:58

The biggest blow an enemy can do to an country is to preclude its security; what they are doing in some countries of the region and precluding their security.

In the world US and intelligence services of western countries under financial support of the region’s dogmatic states are the main source of chaos. This is the most dangerous type of enmity against another country.

I recommend the kind people of Iraq and Lebanon to first fix the insecurity.
Their people have demands, rightfully, but this should be done through their respective country’s lawful means. If in a country the structure is destroyed, nothing can be done. If there is lack of power, no positive move can be done.

They had same plan for our country too but fortunately the people realized it on time and came to the field and neutralized it.

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