Latest Updates on Syria, 30 October 2019

Wednesday, 30 October 2019 - 21:20

Latest news from Syria’s frontlines

1. Idlib:
Russian warplanes bombed Tahrir al Sham terrorists in Maar Harma, Kafr Nubl, and Naqir.

2. Hama:
– Syrian army artillery bombed villages Ziyarah, Qarqur, Sarmaniya, Hawash, Jub Soleiman, Hawijah and al-Ghab plain.
– Turkistani Islamic party terrorists attacked Syrian army in Jurin base with several Grad rockets.

3. Hasakah:
– Engagement between Turkey’s militia and SDF in Arishah village.
– Clashes between the Syrian Army and Turkish militants erupted near Tal Abu Rasin and Manajir.

4. Deir Ezzor:
Engagement between SDF and Syrian army near Husseiniyah village. In this confrontation, artillery of US coalition in Conoco refinery attacked Syrian army positions.

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