Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 2 November 2019

Saturday, 2 November 2019 - 22:19

Latest news from Afghanistan frontlines

1. Abdullah Abdullah meeting with Iranian, Kyrgyz and Tajik officials in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting in Tashkent.
Abdullah talked about close relationship with these countries in the future government of Afghanistan.

2. Report of October operations by Head of General Security of Afghanistan:
– More than 630 operations performed and 221 persons killed and 104 injured and 649 persons of enemy were captured. – Four motorbikes and two vehicles, which embedded bombs, were found and neutralized.
– 395 planted mines discovered and three rocket attacks were prevented.

3. Sare Pol:
Taliban attacking to watch posts of areas Tupkhane and Green Mosque in Sancharak town were repelled by security forces and people’s immobilization. Two security forces martyred and six wounded.

4. Takhar:
Due to mine explosion in Darqad district, nine pupils are martyred and one injured.

5. Baghlan:
Due to explosion of two mines in Pole Khamri district, nine civilians martyred and two injured.

6. Ghazni:
In the aerial and ground operation of security forces in Krusay area of Qara Bagh district, 14 members of Taliban were killed and three wounded.

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