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Latest Updates on Syria, 6 November 2019
Middle East, News, Syria 06 November 2019

1. Aleppo:
Tahrir al-Sham terrorists shelled Jamiat al-Zahra district in Aleppo city.

2. Hasakah:
Heavy clashes between Turkey-led forces and Syrian Democratic Forces in Bab al-Khayr.

3. Idlib:
– Russian warplanes struck Rakaya, Kafr Sijna and Sheikh Sindian.
– Syrian Army artillery pounded Hazarin and Maar Zita towns.
– According to pro-militant media, one person killed and seven other were wounded due to Russian strikes on Jisr al-Shoghur area.

4. Raqqah:

Arrival of four Russian trucks carrying equipments including armored vehicles to the Russian-SDF Coordination Center in Ayn Issa. (image)


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