Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 7 November 2019

Thursday, 7 November 2019 - 21:47

Latest news from Afghanistan frontlines

1. Maydan Wardak:
Engagement between army and Taliban in Sayyed Abad district, more than 80 houses were destroyed in airstrikes.

2. Kabul:
– Taliban rocket attack to American base Bagram.
– Security forces operation in Dehganan Arghandi area of Badam Qol in Paghman area, three Taliban members killed.

3. Balkh:
Commander of security forces was martyred in engagement with Taliban.
10 Taliban members killed and injured, five security forces martyred and three injured.

4. Kapisa:
Mine explosion martyred a soldier and wounded 12.

5. Badghis:
Due to mine explosion on Maghar to Qalaa Now road, six security forces martyred.

6. Daykundi:
In Taliban’s recent attack to watch posts in Bazar Moshtarak and Tal Obeh in Kajran three security forces martyred and one injured.

7. Baghlan:
Security forces cleansed 10 villages in Dand Shahabuddin area from Taliban.

8. Sigar(special inspector for building Afghanistan): US. has spent 132 billion dollar since 2002 in Afghanistan, from which 82 billion dollar is for promoting Afghanistan security and 34 billion dollar for building Afghanistan and 4 billion dollar for humanitarian aids.

9. Latest updates on presidential election:
– Abdullah Abdullah meeting with EU ambassador in Afghanistan.
– Abdullah Abdullah: Mr. Ghani has proved to be a hypocritical. He didn’t fulfill any of his election promises.
– Gulbuddin Hekmatyar: Election will go to second round.
Finally the temporary government comes and should replace the current one.

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