Latest Updates on Libya, 27 November, 2019

Wednesday 27 November 2019 - 22:29

Latest news from Libya’s fronts

1. GNA forces artillery pounded LNA headquarter in Qasr ibn Ghashir axis, south of Tripoli.

2. LNA spokesperson reported of flight ban to Tripoli except Mitiga airport.

3. GNA claim Abdulsalam al-Hasi, a commander of LNA, was killed in Tripoli battles.

4. LNA and GNA forces engagement in Tuwaysha-Ramlah axis, south of Tripoli.
Engagements have intensified in this axis and LNA tries to capture al-Suwani. al-Suwani is in the middle of Aziziyah-Tripoli route and army tries to cut the logistic line to GNA forces in Gharyan, Aziziyah and suburb of Zantan.
The engagement directions are shown on the map.

5. LNA sources claim to capture Hamzah garrison.

6. GNA forces claim to capture al-Feel oil well near Sabha.

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