Latest Updates on Syria, 29 November 2019

Friday, 29 November 2019 - 21:27

Latest news from Syria’s frontlines

1. Hasakah:
– Syrian Army forces deployed in the Hasakah-Aleppo road in villages Kozaliyah, Tal al-Laban and Um al-Khayr in north of Tal Tamar.
– Syrian Army repelled Turkey-led forces attack to Tal al-Laban village.
– Syrian Army shot down a Turkish Army drone near Heemo village, southwest of Qamishli.
– Three Turkish soldiers killed in the last 48 hours; Armağan Keskin, Şevket Tekin and Bünyamin Çabuk were killed fighting in north of Syria.

2. Aleppo:
– Turkey backed forces engaging with Kurdish forces in Maraanaz front, south of Azaz town.
– Syrian Army pounded militant positions in Hayyan and Khalsah areas.
– A vehicle exploded near Nowruz square, Afrin. Militia media accused Kurdish groups of it. Images showing this news.

3. Raqqah:
– Syrian Army and SDF forces engaging with Turkey-led forces in north of Ayn Issa.
– Turkey’s artillery bombed western areas of Tal Abiad.

4. Idlib:
Syrian Army bombed militia of Tahrir al Sham in Haysh and Um Jalal, south of Idlib.

5. Hama:
– Turkish military caravan exited Sher Mughar post in west of Hama toward border of north of Syria.

6. Lattakia:
Syrian Army and Tahrir al Sham engagement in Kabani axis.
Militia media claim to destroy a Syrian Army’s tank in this axis.

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