Latest Updates on Palestine, 30 November 2019

Sunday, 1 December 2019 - 11:20

Palestine news in the past week

1. In the recent week, Resistance groups fired four missiles toward Eshkol and five toward Sderot. Four missiles in Eshkol and two missiles in Sderot fell. The latest number of casualties of Palestinian Resistance: 36 martyrs and 111 injured.

2. Shooting down an Israeli quadcopter over Beit Lahia and another one over east of Zaytun district by Resistance.

3. Martyrdom of Palestinian prisoner Sami Abu Diyak in Israeli regime prison.
Abu Diyak had cancer and did not receive proper medical treatment. Including Abu Diyak, in total 222 Palestinians have martyred in Israeli regime prisons.

4. Zionist set fire on olive gardens of Palestinians in Sebastia area, northwest of Nablus.

5. Al-Khalil(Hebron):
– Israeli army bulldozer ran over a Palestinian car in Yatta town, al-Khalil province, one passenger martyred the other is severely wounded.
– Destruction of houses of four Palestinian martyrs by Israeli regime bulldozers.

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