Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 14 December 2019

Sunday, 15 December 2019 - 07:19

Latest news from Afghanistan fronts and election

1. Latest updates on presidential election:
– Erdogan President of Turkey: All parties should accept the results of election.
· Abdullah Abdullah meeting with NATO ambassador in Afghanistan.
– After Abdullah Abdullah conference press and asking the protesters to let the recounting begins, the election commission announced the recounting will begin in seven provinces from Sunday.

2. Latest updates on USA-Taliban talks:
– Taliban’s political spokesperson: There is a possibility that we sign the agreement before new year.
– Some sources according to Khalilzad, the talks are suspended after Taliban’s recent attack to Bagram.

3. Ghazni:
– Taliban executed six Afghan army soldiers by shooting in Kabul-Qandahar road in Nani area.
– Due to Taliban attack to army station in Qara Bagh district and collaboration of stoolies, 25 security forces were martyred.

4. Maydan Wardak:
25 Taliban members killed in security forces operation in Sayyid Abad district.

5. Faryab:
Assassination of Khan Ahmadi, commander of army special forces in Faryab province, in Sholgara district.

6. Helmand:
Due to explosion of a bomb vehicle in Nade Ali district, eight people martyred and two wounded.

7. Badakhshan:
According to Taliban report, Darre Shurian in Nasi district is occupied by killing two security forces and capturing 30.

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