Beit Jinn latest updates; Fights still going on Beit Jinn heights.

Sunday, 17 December 2017 - 21:05

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Syrian Army is advancing in the Beit Jinn besieged area in southern Damascus and is taking over strategic heights.

The importance of these heights is to be dominant over regions in the hands of militia and to defeat them finally. These strategic heights are liberated so far:

Tal Dhab`, Talal Kafr Hawr, Talal Bardaya, Tal Shihab, Tal Maqtul, Tal Baydha, Khazan, Tal Ahmar, Tal Mantar, Ziyat, Dhahr Aswad.


With recent advances, the logistic helps of militia in siege are cut and Mughr al Meer falls from military perspective. The only escape axis for militia or help for them are byways of Jabal al Sheikh to Shebaa, Lebanon and Israeli observation posts in Golan occupied heights.


In the past, terrorists, through Israeli surveillance posts, bypassed the Beit Jin pocket & attacked Hadar..


Continuing these advances, in near future liberation of the besieged regions of Beit Jinn is expected.


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