Israeli chief of staff stance against Iran

Thursday, 26 December 2019 - 11:52

ISWNews Analysis Group: Aviv Kochavi, Zionist regime chief of staff, said that the regime does not let Iran presence in Syria or even Iraq.

Kochavi said:
– In a future war we will target residential areas, too.
– In future war with Hamas or Hezbollah, behind the line of Zionist regime will be targeted with many rockets, most of which are not accurate but have great influence.
– Zionist regime will bomb all infrastructures of electricity, fuel and bridges in a future war.
– Military confrontation with Iran is not unlikely but we have flexibility in the region.

Recently the verbal argument between Iran and Israel officials has increased and Mr. Velayati in response to Israeli attacks to Damascus said they won’t be without answer. He also said Iran is willing to help Syria to get rid of American soldiers from north of this country.

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