Opinion: No to Intrigue, Lebanon in pursuit of peace

Thursday, 16 January 2020 - 23:08

They had designed difficult days for Lebanon, the days that insecurity and chaos plunged bride of the Middle East into sadness and war vortex, but people awareness and March 8th group prevented partly from the process that Lebanon like its neighbouring countries get confused.

The Saudi government’s determination for destroying countries such as Libya, Syria and Yemen is so serious and has done this repeatedly about Lebanon, although has failed so many times.

This time, the conspiracy center has been formed for increasing the livelihood pressure against Lebanese people; dependent persons on British and US in the Beirut government, implemented the policy of receiving tax from the poor and exempting the rich from taxing in their government, to make  Lebanese people angry in a humiliate way.
In this situation, 14th March group, which having the government power, prevented from serving the people and called their supporters to join the protests, for abusing the protest process , to start the second step of chaos. Hariri’s administration resignation and 30 day opposition with the formation of a government, by the presence of all parties, launched the third step.

On the other hand, the 14th March group attempted to form a unilateral government, but their candidate Nawaf Salamah with just 13 votes defeated from Hassan Diab with 69 votes.

Why they tried for Saad Hariri’s overthrow?
In fact, the group that had brought Hariri to power, tried to be created dissatisfying under the pretext of livelihood protests. First , government  will topple , then after months insecurity and chaos that tease people, will agree with forming of administration and by this, impose bets like disarmament of Resistance and etc. Beside this process, Israel’s actions can intensify the situation, too.

It was a plan that imposing conditions against Lebanon, just like Iraq. But 8th March group has two wise leader like Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah and Michel Aoun that persisted against this plot by a completely legal process.

Although this group  and even elites such as Nabih Berri (parliament speaker and the leader of Amal party) tried for participating  Saad Hariri and his party in the government and they were not successful but  preventing from executing of next steps of chaos, prevented Lebanon from getting in a descending procedure. But there is not so much hope about Lebanon future government’s success and establishment of lasting peace in this country, until the center of sedition is still active.

Although recent chaoses are supported by US and Saudi Arabia, but has a theoritian that is so skillful in making division and destructing national unity of every country. A record as large of its colonization on two-third of earth.

The center of sedition and division in Lebanon and all the countries of western Asia is formed only in one country and that’s England. We can be hoped for peace, security, and evolving path, just when England’s interests and its sectarianism be ended in third world.
This aim will not be reached, unless this country and its interests exit of western Asia for always.

Acquaintance with two rival groups in Lebanon
After the assassination of Rafic Hariri and the events that happened and led to releasing Samir Geagea from prison and exiting Syrian forces from Lebanon, A group named 14th March was formed that most important members of it, include Al-Mustaqbal party by leadership of Saad Hariri,  Progressive party by  leadership of Walid Jumblatt and Quwat Al Lubnaniya party. This group has  close relationship with US , Britain and Saudi Arabia. One of the most important actions of this group was preventing from the electing of president after the end of Emile Lahoud’s presidency. The most important success of the 14th March group, is formation of the Fouad Siniora administration and then Saad Hariri’s.

In contrast, the 8th March group was formed with the presence of Hizbollah, Amal party by leadership of Nabih Berri, al-Watan al-Hur  party by leadership of Michel Aoun and al-Mardah party by leadership of Suleiman Frangieh. Their most important success, is the presidency of Michel Aoun , leader of Free National party.

Lebanon is a strange country
But why this small Lebanon is so important for other countries? Why Saudi Arabia is so serious in taking score in Lebanon? And why US ambassador always intervene in internal affairs of Lebanon?

Lets go back a little bit to understand the importance of Lebanon; various tribes and religions live together in a small area. This variety has caused much of events in western Asia, begin from Lebanon. Shiite great scholars like Sheikh Al-Hurr al-Amili and Sheikh Bahayi, came from this country.

Many ideas are created in Lebanon and then spread through the region. For example, Michel Aflaq was a Christian leftist philosopher that his void thoughts, led to forming of Baath parties in Iraq and Syria.

The success of Hizbollah in Lebanon, has led to formation of many movements in Arab countries similar to Hizbollah Islamic Resistance.

Also, the waves of Wahhabi terrorism spread from Lebanon to Syria through dependent persons on Saudi Arabia and  plunged this country into destruction and civil war for eight years.

Therefore, if will be formed a good base in Lebanon and  be strengthen, there is hope about spreading it to other countries, but if England dependent forces can run new seditions, it will spread to all of countries in the region. That’s why this small seaside country is so important for Arab and western countries.

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