Ahed Al Tamimi is arrested, a girl of grace and steadfast by Israeli forces

Wednesday, 20 December 2017 - 17:12

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Ahed Al Tamimi, 16 years old Palestinian girl who is participating in demos against Israel continuously from 2012 in Nabi Salih in West Bank of Jordan River was arrested at 4 AM from her house by Israeli forces.

She is the brave girl who attacked an Israeli soldier on 28 October 2012 and prevented him to capture his brother.

The Israeli soldier tried to capture Mohamed Al Tamimi, a 12 years old boy, but she and her mom and aunt prevented it. This image at that time reflected widely by media in the world.


Also Her uncle was martyred by Israeli forces fire last year.


Her activities also include cyber activities against oppression, her tweet about HezbAllah operation in Shabaa farms against Israel last year:


After her arrest and at the same time that the new Intifada is going on, a wave of protest pressing Israel to free her has started.

It is worthy to mention that this arrest takes place one day after a video showing her fight with a Israeli soldier, is released. The video shows that a soldier throws a tear gas breaking through Al Tamimi house and she and Ahed and others fight back with the Israeli soldier.

Ahed’s parent are also arrested.


The movie showing her arrest released by Israeli media:



The movie of clash with Israeli soldiers and slapping one of them:



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