Shaikh Ibrahin Zakzaki’s dire situation

Thursday 2 January 2020 - 20:47

ISWNews Analysis Group: Shaikh Zakzaki’s daughter in the rally of Hawza Tullab in Tehran informed of his dire situation.

Children of Nigeria’s Shiite leader that live in Tehran, said that:
“- Our request is that pray for our father and mother, their situation is so bad. We know that administration obeys from US , Israel and Saudi Arabia.
They know Nigeria’s Shiite, the most dangerous Shiite in the world.

– On 2016 , Nigerian government gave them sentence of home and freedom and protection , but this verdict was not implemented and they opened a case and sentenced father to 8 accusation.
One of these accusation was killing an army , while they killed thousands of us (Shiite). (referring to Zaria felony)
Our father is so oppressed. He had said that should not be weak against tyrants.

– Shaikh Zakzaki had invited no one to be Shiite. His emphasis was on solidarity.
Father in the solidarity week , invited Sunni and even Wahhabi scholars to make speech. Christians support father and head of church participates in Ashoora and Quds marching.”

The latest peaceful protests of Nigeria’s Shiite for Shaikh Zakzaki’s freedom were continuing in the latest days of 2019 in Abuja city that was attacked by government’s security forces.
There are 43 shrapnel shells in Shaikh Zakzaki’s body because of security forces shooting, doctors say; and Shaikh’s and his wife’s health situation is so bad.
Now, Shaikh Zakzaki and his wife are in Abuja prison under government’s special monitoring.

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