America & Europe
09 December 2019
US. Bringing Extensive Military Equipment to Iraq

ISWNews Analysis Group: According to available information, US army is transporting extensive military equipment to Ain Assad airbase in Anbar province.

08 December 2019
Attack to Balad Airbase, Iran Is Accused!

ISWNews Analysis Group: In recent days, in the same sense of increasing protests in Iraq, attacks to American bases in Iraq have increased, too.

08 December 2019
Everything About Saudi Soldier Attack in USA

On Friday a Saudi cadet killed several American soldiers and civilians. USA media and government have not disclosed the details of the incident.

08 December 2019
Opinion: Defensive Missile; Iran’s Strategy

The news of detention of Iran’s boat containing missiles in the Red Sea in addition to three European countries ambassadors sending a letter to UN Secretary are signs of a new make up story against Iran by the West.

07 December 2019
Zarif’s Heart of Matter Told to Europeans

Mr. Zarif, Iran’s FM, criticized Europeans’ logic in a tweet

06 December 2019
US Sanctions on Iraqi Commanders

ISWNews Analysis Group: US Treasury put four Iraqis in the sanction list due to violating human rights and corruption.

05 December 2019
Mother of All Bombs Crimes in Nangarhar!

Due to air bombing the Mamand valley, Achin district using MOAB two years ago by US, the skin disease have increased and farms became infertile. The effect of MOAB not only did not finish but also has increased over time.

01 December 2019
US Forces Deployment in Rumeilan Oilfields

A US military caravan including 80 soldiers and 100 vehicles exited Hasakah town and after passing through Qamishli, took position in oil fields of Rumeilan, northeast of Syria.

29 November 2019
Trump Exploiting Afghanistan

ISWNews Analysis Group: Trump in his speech among US soldiers and in presence of Afghan President in Bagram airbase announced to resume talks with Taliban.

28 November 2019
Breaking: Trump’s unexpected trip to Afghanistan

ISWNews Analysis Group: US President Donald Trump arrived in Bagram Airbase on an unexpected trip.

26 November 2019
French Soldiers Killed in Mali

ISWNews Analysis Group: Due to collision of two French helicopters in Mali 13 French troops were killed.

20 November 2019
US. Helicopter Shot Down in Afghanistan

ISWNews Analysis Group: According to US. Army statement, one US. military helicopter shot down in Logar province and two US. soldier killed in the incident.