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13 June 2020
Suspicious death of another black man in America!

Demonstrations over the brutal death of George Floyd by US police are entering their nineteenth day while another black man hanged suspiciously in Palmdale, California!

11 June 2020
Video: “Saraya Thurat al-Ashrin al-Thaniyah” new attacks to USA in Iraq

ISWNews Analysis Group: Group Saraya Thurat al-Ashrin al-Thaniyah released details of their recent two attacks to Americans.

09 June 2020
Details of US aircraft incident in Iraq

ISWNews Analysis Group: Last night an American C-130 Hercules went off the Taji base runway and hit the fences, injured four.

08 June 2020
Details of USA Iraq future negotiation

ISWNews Analysis Group: Iraq USA negotiation over political, cultural, economical and security issues will start next week.

03 June 2020
Latest statistics and information on US protests

– No exact or estimate of numbers of casualties and arrested reported by either the government or US media. – More areas and cities declared curfews. – Around 20,000 US national guards in 23 states are mobilized to subdue protestors and preventing the looting. – In at least 140 points in USA there are protests […]

02 June 2020
Trump’s signals for crack down on US citizens!

Protests continue in the United States for several consecutive days and based on the available evidence, the context is being laid for a tougher and more severe crackdown on protesters.

02 June 2020
Video: Unprecedented Protest in US!

Cruel death of George Floyd on 25 May in Minneapolis by American corrupt police, once again opened the deep racism wound in the US and set the country ablaze. Now the US is on Fire!

01 June 2020
Anonymous returns: Hacker group targets police, Trump administration + Video

In recent hours a video from the Anonymous hacktivists group was published in social media and is being circulated which in that Anonymous threats the Minneapolis police with exposing their crimes to the people of the world.

31 May 2020
Latest statistics and information on US protests

According to the latest available info, which obviously cannot be very accurate with this volume of demonstrations: – Since Tuesday, more than 1700 protesters have been arrested by US police and security forces in various US cities. – Accurate statistics on the number of killed and injured are not available. – At least 13 cities […]

28 May 2020
Latest location of Iranian Tankers in Caribbean Sea

– The Forest oil tanker docked in the Paraguaná Refining Complex (Amuay) on May 27 amid a warm welcome from Venezuelans. – The Petunia oil tanker is sailing in the Venezuela’s territorial waters approaching the designated refinery to deliver its cargo. – The Faxon oil tanker reached the Venezuelan territorial waters.

28 May 2020
Opinion: Iranian Tankers Pass Through US Sanctions Wall

The arrival of Iranian tankers carrying gasoline to Venezuela amid the US threats and cry, in addition to the economic achievements that is in fact made by passing through the US sanctions wall, once again defeated the US empty hegemony especially after Iran’s missile attacks on the Ain al-Assad base.

26 May 2020
US: Russia can no longer deny its presence in Libya!

Following the release of satellite images of the presence of Russian fighter jets at the airport under the control of General Haftar in Libya, a new media controversy over Libya has begun.