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26 May 2020
Latest location of Iranian Tankers in Caribbean Sea

– The Forest tanker is heading west and likely to Amuay Refinery. – The Petunia tanker is in north of Trinidad and Tobago, approaching Venezuelan territorial waters. – The Fortune tanker has moored at the El Palito refinery since yesterday.

25 May 2020
Iran US talk over Afghanistan

ISWNews Analysis Group: Afghanistan 6+2 summit including the neighbors and USA and Russia was held.

25 May 2020
Breaking: Iranian oil tanker Fortune has moored at the refinery of El Palito in Venezuela
24 May 2020
Why the oil-rich country of Venezuela gets gasoline from Iran?!

Tomorrow will be another Eid but for Venezuela; because the first shipment of Iranian gasoline and Alkylat will arrive in Venezuela and will irrigating 1,800 hungry Venezuelan gas stations, and the sanctioned Venezuelan oil industry will be revived.

24 May 2020
ISIS rocket attack on Bagram Airfield

ISWNews analysis group: This morning American airbase in Bagram (Parwan province) was attacked By ISIS.

24 May 2020
Video: First footage of Iranian tanker in Venezuelan territorial waters

First pictures of Iranian tanker “Fortune” in Venezuelan territorial waters have been released and the Tanker is escorted by Venezuelan military ship Yekuana po-13. Fortune will moor in Puerto la Cruz few hours later.

23 May 2020
The latest situation of Iranian tankers in the Atlantic Ocean

The Fortune tanker will enter Venezuelan waters in the next few hours.

22 May 2020
Video: Footage of Surface to Air Missile Attack on US Chinook Helicopter in Iraq

The newly formed Iraqi group “Thar al-Muhandis” released a video of the moment the American Chinook helicopter was shot in Iraq by Man-portable air-defense systems (MANPAD).

22 May 2020
Iranian oil tankers near Venezuelan territorial waters!

An Israeli satellite company which is obsessed with Iranian moves in the region have released satellite images showing that, Iranian oil tankers are in Atlantic Ocean.

22 May 2020
Latest location of Iranian Tankers in Atlantic Ocean

Following the Venezuelan Defense Minister’s remarks about Iranian tankers, the USS Detroit & other 3 US warships have moved toward east of the Caribbean Sea and near the Venezuelan waters. The warships turned off their transponders after the departure.

22 May 2020
Video: The Syrian Army blocked the road on American convoy

ISWNews Analysis Group: On May 21, the Syrian army prevented the US terrorist forces convoy from entering, near the Tel Tamar, in north of Hasakah.

20 May 2020
F-35A Fighter Jet Crashes In Florida

A US F-35A Lightning II fighter jet crashed while landing at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida today; Last week, an US F-22 Raptor fighter jet also crashed near the airbase.