23 May 2019
Al Masirah TV released footage of Ansar Allah drone attack to Abu Dhabi airport.

It shows at least two Samad-3 drones attacking Abu Dhabi airport Terminal 1.

23 May 2019
Video | Footages of attacking Kafr Nabuda from Tahrir al Sham terrorists’ camera

Tahrir al Sham media released footages of “Asaib al Hamra” (Red Group) attack, which is an elite and pioneer unit of Tahrir al Sham.

23 May 2019
Video | A glimpse of what children in Yemen face after 4 years of the US-Saudi airstrikes.
23 May 2019
Video | Heavy airstrikes and artillery fire on Kafr Nabuda by Syrian Army and RuAF

The Scorched-earth policy is being implemented! Will the Syrian army again attack the city to capture it?

21 May 2019
Video | Footages of Clearing Regions Naqil Al Shim and Strategic Mountain Al Jamimah from Saudi-led Coalition Forces

Al Jamimah(Shabakah) mountain has an excellent overlook on Qatabah town, thus, Qatabah has fallen from military point of view.

21 May 2019
War with Iran?!

“They are not Iranians, they are Persians!”

21 May 2019
Ansar Allah published a new video about their recent advances near Qatabah town, Dhale province.

According to this video, Shakhab, Qordih and Olalah(Halemi) military camp is under Ansar Allah control which has a great overlook over the Qatabah town.

20 May 2019
Syrian War Report – May 17, 2019: Syrian Army Eliminated 45 Militants In Recent Clashes

Syrian Army Eliminated 45 Militants In Recent Clashes

20 May 2019
Ansar Allah’s media eventually covered their advances toward Qatabah, Dhale province.

Yemeni media showing footages of Ansar Allah’s operations in important district of Qatabah and also clearing Al Fakhir and north of Qatabah such as Qordih and Hamar and started to cover the advances.

18 May 2019
Aerial Images of the Targeting the Positions of Terrorists in Northern Hama by the Syrian Army and Russian Warplanes

These footage relate to the recent operations of the Syrian Army in the area of Kafr Nabuda and Al Ghab Plain in the northwest of Hama province.

17 May 2019
Footage of the Saudi-led forces heavy fire on “Qatabah” this morning.

Today the Saudi Coalition forces took control of the city, it should be noted that UAE-backed(trained) forces had the main role in this advances.

16 May 2019
New Saudi Crimes Against Yemeni People + Video

ISWNews Analysis Group: A few hours ago Saudi Coalition criminal fighters attacked Sanaa city, the capital of Yemen.