18 August 2019
Video: On the way to Khan Shaykhun

On August 18, the Abkhazian Network News Agency released a video documenting the recent Syrian Army advance northwest of the key town of Khan Shaykhun in southern Idlib.

17 August 2019
Video | Gaza Airstrike by Israeli Fighters

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Zionist warplanes raided Gaza several times last night.

17 August 2019
Video: HTS VBIED Attack on Madaya

Hayat Tahrir Al Shan media published the clip of the VBIED attack on the Syrian Army position in the Madya village, southern Idlib province.

13 August 2019
Video: A powerful Blast at weapons depot of the Popular Mobilization Units and federal police in the south of Baghdad.

ISWNews Analysis Group: According to the released statistics there are 13 people wounded so far that two of them are from federal police and 4 from the Popular Mobilization Units personnel.

10 August 2019
Video: HTS VBIED Attack on Tal Sukayk

Hayat Tahrir Al Shan media published the clip of the VBIED attack on the Syrian Army position in the Tal Sukayk, southern Idlib province.

10 August 2019
Video: IRGC fast attack boats escorting a British frigate in Persian Gulf

According to IRGC member in this footage, it’s in south of Abu Musa island and the frigate is running away from the area after IRGC boats got close to it.
Date: 8-8-2019

09 August 2019
Zarif: “The Only Super Power is God.”

Iran’s foreign minister Zarif: “The lifespan of the Persian Empire is several times longer than the whole history of the United States.”

01 August 2019
Video: Saudi Coalition Suffered Heavy losses at the Al-Jala Military Camp, Aden

Footages from the Al Jala military camp in Aden which have been targeted by Ansar Allah’s new mid-range missile and Qasef K2 drone, this morning.

20 July 2019
New Details on British Tanker Detention + Video

IRGC spokesperson: “We act seriously in enforcing our sovereignty and law in Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz.”

19 July 2019
Video: Footages Show US Navy USS Boxer Recorded by Iranian Drone; Trump’s Proclaim in Hitting the Drone is False + IRGC Statement

IRGC released footages showing US Navy USS Boxer in Persian Gulf recorded by a drone while President Trump proclaimed that the Iranian drone was shot down and destroyed by USS Boxer!

19 July 2019
Video: Russian Warpalnes Eliminate Terrorists in Northern Hama

According to Abkhazian Network News Agency ANNA, on July 18, terrorist groups were preparing a powerful offensive against the positions of government troops in Qassabiyah, northern Hama. Militants threw ammunition and reinforcements to the front line and they wanted to start attack with powerful shelling of makeshift missiles “Elephant”. But the preparations of the terrorists were observed from the air, and airstrikes were launched against them.

12 July 2019
Video: IRGC Strikes Terrorist Groups on the Border Areas of Iran and the Kurdistan region of Iraq

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, IRGC released images of targeting the positions of terrorist groups on the borders of Iran and the Kurdistan region of Iraq with artillery and drones.