29 May 2020
Palestinian youth martyred by Israeli regime

ISWNews Analysis Group: Zionist regime soldiers martyred a Palestinian youth today in Nabi Salih village, northwest of Ram Allah.

21 May 2020
Deal of the Century… No!
13 May 2020
Latest Updates in Palestine, 13 May 2020

During Zionist militants attack on al-Favar camp in the al-Khaleel province, a Palestinian child “Zeid Fadhl Qaisiyah were martyred and four others were wounded.

12 May 2020
Israel embassy in UAE

ISWNews Analysis Group: Zionist regime reported of eminent opening of Zionist regime embassy in UAE.

08 May 2020
Satellite images of recent attack to Aleppo

The Israeli ISI company released an image showing the destruction due to Zionist regime warplanes recent attack to Syrian army and resistance forces in al-Safirah town, south of Aleppo.

06 May 2020
Resistance groups and Israel engagement

ISWNews Analysis Group: On May 6, a rocket of Palestine resistance groups fired toward occupied towns.

01 May 2020
Image: Israel’s latest attack to Damascus

The images show the recent air raid by Zionist regime fighters to Damascus released by ISI claimed to show destruction of IRGC underground facilities in Mezzeh airport.

30 April 2020
Breaking: Israeli Missile Attacks on Syria

ISWNews Analysis Group: Israeli regime aircraft targeted several Syrian Army positions in the Qunaitra province, southern Syria.

27 April 2020
Israel missile attacks on southern Syria + Video

ISWNews Analysis Group: This morning, the Israeli warplanes targeted some points in southwestern Damascus.

20 April 2020
Breaking: Israel missile attack on Syria

ISWNews Analysis Group: Minutes ago the Israeli regime warplanes targeted the Syrian Army points in the Tadmur area.

18 April 2020
Video: The interesting report of Al-Manar tv reporter from the border line

Ali Shoaib, the Al-Manar tv reporter has filmed from slots in the border fence, by presence in border line with occupied Palestine.

18 April 2020
Zionists’s horror from Resistance forces power!

ISWNews Analysis Group: Last night the Israeli army was in full alert on the border line with Lebanon in fear of Hezbollah activities.