14 August 2020
Normalizing relations between UAE and Zionist regime

ISWNews Analysis Group: The agreement of normalizing relations between UAE and Zionist regime was signed by Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Emirates crown prince, and Benjamin Netanyahu, PM of Zionist regime.

09 August 2020
Palestine: A young mother martyred by Israel regime

ISWNews Analysis Group: Dalia Samoudi, a young Palestinian mother, was shot dead by Israeli soldiers in the city of Jenin.

04 August 2020
Israel attacked Syrian army positions in south of Syria again

ISWNews Analysis Group: A Zionist army helicopter targeted Syrian army positions in south of Syria in Qahtaniya area, outskirts of Qunaitra, late on August 3.

02 August 2020
Breaking: Rocket attack on Israeli settlement

ISWNews Analysis Group: Tensions have risen in Palestine since hours after a rocket was fired from the Gaza Strip into the Occupied Territories.

27 July 2020
Hezbollah has denied all allegations made by the Israeli regime about today’s attack

ISWNews Analysis Group: Lebanon’s Hezbollah has issued a statement denying Israeli claims that Hezbollah forces infiltrated the northern borders of occupied Palestine, saying none of the movement’s forces had been martyred.

27 July 2020
Breaking: Clashes between the Hezbollah forces and the Israeli army on the southern borders of Lebanon

ISWNews Analysis Group: According to Israeli army spokesman, Hezbollah militants (3 or 4 members) penetrated a few meters into the Israeli border and were targeted by IDF and their attack was repulsed.

23 July 2020
Military Vehicle Flipped, One Zionist Killed!

ISWNews Analysis Group: One Israeli soldier was killed when an Israeli military vehicle overturned in the northern part of the occupied territories in the Har Dov area.

20 July 2020
Breaking: Israeli airstrikes against Syrian army positions near Damascus + Video

ISWNews Analysis Group: Syrian Army air defense systems intercepted several Israeli missile over Damascus and Kiswah area.

06 July 2020
Israeli airstrikes on Gaza

Last night, Israeli military aircraft in retaliation of three rockets fired from inside the Gaza Strip into the occupied territories bombed a number of resistance positions in the al-Zaytoun area east of the Gaza Strip.

06 July 2020
Successful Launch of Israeli Spy Satellite

On Monday morning, the Israeli regime successfully launched the Ofek 16 spy satellite from a launchpad at Palmachim base in the occupied territories and placed it in the orbit.

01 July 2020
Hamas rocket exercise in the Mediterranean sea!

ISWNews Analysis Group: Last night, he Palestinian groups in Gaza tested 24 rockets on the Mediterranean sea, that is unprecedented in its kind.

25 June 2020
Images: Aftermath of Israeli missile attacks on Syria’s Hama province

ISWNews Analysis Group: In the early hours of June 24, the Israeli warplanes launched extensive missile attacks on some military points in the eastern province of Hama.