21 February 2020
Video: Aerial footage of Turkish artillery attacks on Syria

ISWNews Analysis Group: Images captured by Russian drones show Turkish artillery attacks with T-155 Fırtına against the Syrian army positions in the Idlib province.

20 February 2020
Syria: Turkish-backed Militants Attack Repelled Completely!

ISWNews Analysis Group: The militants heavy attacks with the special support of Turkish army at the axis of Nayrab, west of the city of Saraqib, were repulsed by Syrian Army resistance.

20 February 2020
Breaking: Two Turkish soldiers killed in Idlib

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Turkish Defense Ministry said on Thursday that two Turkish soldiers were killed and another five were wounded in Syrian Army air strikes in the Idlib province.

20 February 2020
Breaking: Turkish-backed groups with the support of Turkish army have launched attacks on the village of Nayrab in the Idlib province

The Turkish artillery also bombed Syrian army positions in the city of Saraqib.

20 February 2020
Video: Aerial images of hunting down terrorists in southwest Aleppo

ANNA-News published a new documentary showing the several wave of unsuccessful attacks by terrorists on the Syrian Army positions in Kafr Halab and Miznaz in southwest of Aleppo.

19 February 2020
Breaking: Syrian air defense systems intercepted hostile targets near the city of Jablah
18 February 2020
Bashar al-Assad: The nose of the terrorism will be rubbed in the dirt! + Video

ISWNews Analysis Group: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, while congratulating on the full liberation of Aleppo, emphasized the continuation of operations in northwest of Syria.

18 February 2020
Map: Investigation of the latest military situation in the Idlib region and the progress of the Syrian Army

Extensive deployment by Turkey to Idlib and failure of Russia-Turkey negotiations did not stop Syrian Army and allies shattering operation in northwest of Syria and so far about 2000 km2 has been liberated from terrorists. Future days are even more important.

17 February 2020
Map: Latest Military Situation in Western Aleppo

Following Syrian army and Resistance forces operation in west of Aleppo, more than 10 new points were liberated from Tahrir al Sham terrorists.

17 February 2020
Iran’s speaker of parliament travelled to Syria

ISWNews Analysis Group: Mr. Larijani and his companion met with Mr. Bashar Assad in Damascus.

17 February 2020
Article: Damascus policy towards Syrian Democratic Forces and Arab tribes

Although Syrian Kurds, after expanding their reign over Kurdish and even Arabic areas located in East of Euphrates river called “Jazirah”, started the system of self-government under support of USA, but their relation with Syrian government was in the state not peace nor war. There were limited engagements between them for time to time but never became a full enmity.

17 February 2020
Breaking: Syrian Army liberated Qabtan, Qabtam mountain, Salum, Bala and Basartun in western Aleppo