14 October 2019
Images: Syrian Army’s arrival at Ayn Issa in north of Raqqa and south of Tal Abiad
14 October 2019
East Euphrates is slowly coming under the control of the Syrian Army!

ISWNews Analysis Group: Since last night, Syrian Army forces have been entering cities, villages and various parts of the eastern and western Euphrates one after another.

13 October 2019
Syrian Army Enters Manbij and East of Euphrates

ISWNews Analysis Group: According to the agreement reached between the SDF and the Syrian government, the Syrian Army forces will enter the areas controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces in the east and west of the Euphrates to counter Turkish aggression.

13 October 2019
Latest stances by Turkish President about operation in north of Syria

ISWNews Analysis Group: Recep Tayyip Erdogan found Trump’s economic sanctions threats scornful.

07 October 2019
Images: People of Raas al Ayn protests against recent Turkey threats to attack the eastern Euphrates.
07 October 2019
Images: US forces withdrawing from Raas al Ayn and Tal Abyad

Speaking to the Kurds a few days ago, Walid Muallim said, “I tell our Kurdish brothers not to be deluded by the American promises.”

07 October 2019
Trump: Time to Leave Syria!

The delusion of USA supporting Kurds is not limited to this time only. In previous decades this group has been deceived several times and everytime anyone (USA, Europe and Israel) promised them anything, they were betrayed and due to their mistakes they suffered high casualties.

07 October 2019
US Forces Leaving Northern Border of Syria!

ISWNews Analysis Group: According to field information, after recent threats by Erdogan to launch operation in east of Euphrates, US forces are leaving their positions in northern border of Syria in east of Euphrates.

06 October 2019
Erdogan Threatened East of Euphrates to Attack Again!

ISWNews Analysis Group: Yesterday Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish President stating unhappiness with the implementation of USA-Turkey bilateral agreement over safe zone in east of Euphrates, threatened to attack east of Euphrates.

05 October 2019
Syria War Report – October 4, 2019: Iran Foils Attempt to Assisinate Commander of Qods Force
30 September 2019
AlQaem-AlBukamal border crossing reopened after five years

ISWNews Analysis Group: Finally, after five years and the return of security to the Iraqi and Syrian border areas, the important border crossing of Al-Qaim-Al-Bukamal was reopened for public use.

29 September 2019
Russian MoD displays wreckage of terrorist drones

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Russian Defense Ministry unveiled dozens of terrorist drones that have been used mainly in recent months to attack the Khmeimim Air Base in Latakia province.