31 May 2019
Map of the main axis of militants attacks in the northwest of Hama

Currently heavy clashes continue around the Al Huwayz village. Syrian Army claimed that all militants attacks were repelled so far…

31 May 2019
Hassan Soufan resigned from leadership of NFL!

ISWNews Analysis Group: Hassan Soufan on his Twitter announced his resignation from the leadership of the National Front and the Ahrar Al-Sham movement for specific reasons, stating that he would be in the war against the Syrian regime along with other revolutionary soldiers, without affiliation on any other factions or groups

31 May 2019
New Attacks By NFL in Northern Hama

National Front for Liberation announced a new wave of attacks against Syrian Army positions in northwest of Hama province and entered Al Huwayz.

30 May 2019
Syrian and Russian airstrikes against militants have increased

In the last 48 hours, Syrian and Russian airstrikes against militant’s positions in Idlib and Aleppo provinces have increased.

29 May 2019
Video | The Precise Artillery Operations of Syrian Army Against the Equipment and Positions of Terrorists in Kafr Nabuda

Abkhazian Network News Agency (ANNA) released a new video of recent battles in Kafr Nabudah, northwest of Hama, in which shows parts of the Syrian army’s artillery operations against armored vehicles, rocket launchers, anti-tank rocket launchers, trenches and terrorist positions in the area.

27 May 2019
Martyrdom of Two Syrian Officers in Israeli Regime Attack to Quneitra

A few hours ago Israeli Regime Army attacked Tal Shaar, east of Khan Arnabah, which resulted in martyrdom of a Syrian officer. later another Syrian soldier were martyred due to severe injuries.

27 May 2019
Turkey Sent a New Military Convoy to Northern Hama

According to local sources, Turkish Army in despite of high tensions in northwest of Hama, dispatched a large military convoy to its observation post in Sher Mughar, north of Qalaat Madiq and they are already settled.

27 May 2019
Heads of Terrorists in one Shot

Last night heads of terrorist groups Tahrir al Sham, Ahrar al Sham, Soqur al Sham, Jaish al Izzah and etc. in a rare event meet to find a way to stop Syrian Army advances.

27 May 2019
Syrian Army repelled HTS Attack to Kafr Nabuda

Minutes ago, with the withdrawal of the last militants from the vicinity of Kafr Nabuda, the militants attack completely defeated by the Syrian Army.

26 May 2019
Kafr Nabuda Liberated!

ISWNews Analysis Group: After terrorists retreat from Kafr Nabuda, northwest of Hama, Syrian Army entered the city today noon and took complete control of it.

26 May 2019
Syrian Army entered Kafr Nabuda!
25 May 2019
Syrian War Report – May 22, 2019: Army Is Repelling Large Militant Attack On Kafr Nabudah

Army Is Repelling Large Militant Attack On Kafr Nabudah