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Tuesday, 11 February 20 - 20:32

HTS terrorists attack on Nayrab

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Syrian army repulsed the Turkish-backed groups and Tahrir al-Sham attacks on the Nayrab axis west of the city of Saraqib.

Tuesday, 11 February 20 - 00:21

Will Turkey go to full scale war with Syria?

Assaulting Syria by Turkey is not a new issue but Erdogan’s statements and his soldiers activities in Idlib shows a new dangerous phase of Turkey infiltration in Syria.

Monday, 10 February 20 - 19:33

Video: Eliminating terrorists in Idlib region!

Terrorists in the Idlib province are under constant surveillance by Russian drones and have lost many vehicles and forces in recent months. The footage you see are from Saraqeb battle.