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Thursday, 6 February 20 - 14:34

Map: Syrian Army Encircles Saraqeb!

Following the Syrian army’s operation in Idlib province, the village of Afis and al-Salihiya was liberated north of the town of Saraqab, thus these advances placing the town of Saraqab in full siege.

Thursday, 6 February 20 - 11:40

Details of Israel airstrike to Syria + Video

According to Syrian army official:On early hours of Thursday, Syrian air defense reacted to two waves of Israeli airstrikes. The first one was at 01:12 to attack military targets near Damascus and the second attack took place at 01:14 targeting military positions near Daraa, Qunaitra and Rif Damascus.Israeli aircraft used south of Lebanon and occupied […]

Tuesday, 4 February 20 - 23:58

Tonight, the roads leading to the Turkish borders

Thousands of people in the Idlib region, after increasing the scope of operation and advances of Syrian army in Idlib province against terrorists, have moved toward Turkish border, due to escaping from the war and widespread bombardments.