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Sunday, 9 February 20 - 16:48

Breaking: Rashedin 4 in verge of complete siege! + Map

ISWNews Analysis Group: As of this morning, Resistance forces and Syrian army have advanced in Aleppo’s southwestern axis and could liberate Tal Kalariyah and Kalariyah in the western entrance of the city of Aleppo from occupation of terrorists.

Sunday, 9 February 20 - 15:59

Map: Al-Eis region completely secured

ISWNews Analysis Group: From hours ago, Syrian Army and Resistance forces completely cleared the Al-Eis region in southern Aleppo from presence of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham terrorists and its allies.

Saturday, 8 February 20 - 23:12

Will Turkey start a war with Syrian Army?

ISWNews Analysis Group: After recent tensions between the Syrian army and Turkey, a large military convoy entered Syrian territory from Turkish borders and are going to Idlib and things are getting more complicated!

Saturday, 8 February 20 - 22:35

Tal al-Eis in south of Aleppo was liberated!

As we announced last night, after the advances of the Resistance forces and Syrian army in the south of Aleppo and north of Saraqib, terrorists in the region of Al Eis are in the situation of quasi-siege and was forced gradually withdraw from the region.

Friday, 7 February 20 - 15:09

Breaking: SAA advance south of Aleppo

ISWNews Analysis Group: Resistance forces and Syrian army liberated the villages of Zitan and Berna in southern Aleppo from terrorist occupation.

Thursday, 6 February 20 - 23:37

Image: HTS suicide attack in Nayrab

Hayat Tahrir Al Sham published images of its VBIED attack on the positions of the Syrian army in the village of Nayrab, west of Saraqib.