08 January 2020
US evacuated a base in Hasakah

ISWNews Analysis Group: According to local sources, American terrorist forces left Kharab al-Jir area in Malikiyah area.

07 January 2020
Putin’s important trip to Syria

ISWNews Analysis Group: Putin, Russian president, visited Damascus today afternoon.

02 January 2020
Breaking: New Wave of Attacks by the Terrorists in Southern Idlib

ISWNews Analysis Group: Pro-opposition sources have announced the start of a new round of militant attacks against the Syrian Army positions in the southeast of Idlib province.

01 January 2020
Syria: Car explosion north of Raqqa

ISWNews Analysis Group: Three civilians were killed and four others were wounded in a car blast in the town of Suluk near Tel Abiad, north of Raqqa province.

28 December 2019
Militant attacks to Syrian Army position in southeast of Idlib

ISWNews Analysis Group: This evening, Tahrir al-Sham and its allies launched heavy attacks on the Syrian Army positions in the Jarjnaz and al-Teh axis, which has repelled by the Syrian Army.

26 December 2019
Map: Liberation of 350 km2 in south of Idlib province by Syrian Army in seven days!

ISWNews Analysis Group: Syrian Army and allies during the seven days operation in southeast of Idlib province could liberate 350 km2 of occupied lands by terrorists of Tahrir al Sham and other radical groups.

26 December 2019
Map: Latest updates on military situation in south of Idlib; SAA retreated from two villages, captured four another villages!

ISWNews Analysis Group: Syrian Army retreated from villages Ghadfa in north of Jarjanaz and Hadithi in north of al-Teh.

24 December 2019
Turkish Observation Post in al-Surman or A Base for Terrorists?! + Video

Turkish Army in close contact with terrorist groups in Idlib province turned the observation posts into safe place for terrorists which is against the Astana agreement and application of the observation posts.

24 December 2019
Syrian Army liberated Barsah!

ISWNews Analysis Group: Following the Syrian army advances in the south of Idlib province, the village of al-Barsah (al-Asha’eriyah) in the north Farwan village was liberated from terrorists occupation.

23 December 2019
Map: The unexpected advance of the Syrian Army in southern Idlib, Jarjanaz liberated!

ISWNews Analysis Group: Following the Syrian Army advances in the southern Idlib province, the important towns of Jarjanaz, Al-Ghaddafah, Abu-Makki, Abu-Dafnah, and Al-Surman liberated from the occupation of Tahrir al-Sham and its allies.

23 December 2019
Map: Latest military situation on southern Idlib, 23 December 2019

ISWNews Analysis Group: Following the Syrian Army the villages of Faalula, Khirbat Maarata, Khirbat Saruni and Hadithi were liberated in southern Idlib province.

23 December 2019
Map Update: Latest Military Situation in Southern Idlib, 22 December 2019

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Syrian Army liberated Al-Teh, Maysarunah and Tahtaya from HTS terrorists in southern Idlib province.