26 April 2020
SDF assigned to protect Syria’s oil!

ISWNews Analysis Group: Media close to Syrian militants reported that USA assigned the most elite units of SDF to protect the oil well of north of Syria.

21 April 2020
The Turkish-Russian fifth joint military patrol on the M4 highway

According to the Russian reconciliation center in Syria, the fifth joint Turkish-Russian military patrol was done on Aleppo-Latakia highway (M4) in the west of Saraqib town on April 21th.

20 April 2020
Breaking: Israel missile attack on Syria

ISWNews Analysis Group: Minutes ago the Israeli regime warplanes targeted the Syrian Army points in the Tadmur area.

20 April 2020
Syria: American forces were attacked in Hasakah

ISWNews Analysis Group: Unknown people attacked American terrorist and SDF vehicle outskirts of Ruwaishid village, south of Hasakah.

20 April 2020
Dispatching the Turkey-backed forces from northern regions to Idlib

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Turkish army has dispatched the convoys of forces called “Syrian National Army” troops from the northern parts of Syria to the Idlib.

19 April 2020
Syrian War Report: US-trained Militants Surrender To Syrian Army; Israel Tries To Assassinate Hezbollah Commanders
18 April 2020
Video: Unsuccessful assassination of Resistance Forces by Israel

The video shows the targeting and destruction of a vehicle carrying Hezbollah forces in the “Jadida Yabus” area near the Lebanese-Syrian border.

17 April 2020
Building a new military base by Russia in Raqqa

ISWNews Analysis Group: Syrian and Russian army forces are inspecting the establishment a new helicopter base in the south of Maadan in the south of Raqqa province.

15 April 2020
Unsuccessful assassination of the resistance commanders in Syria

ISWNews Analysis Group: Media reported of Zionist drone attack to a vehicle of resistance forces in Jadida Yabus area at the border with Lebanon.

15 April 2020
Video: A part of Al-Tanaf militias have joined the Syrian Army forces

ISNews Analysis Group: Some of the militias which were in the southeast of Syria surrendered themselves peacefully with their military equipment to the Syrian Army.

11 April 2020
Syria and Iraq War Report – April 9, 2020: Thunder In Idlib Paradise
10 April 2020
Israel’s recent attack to Shayrat airbase in Homs

Satellite images released by Israeli ImageSat International shows Israeli fighter planes air strike to Shayrat airbase in Homs on 31 March 2020, shows that more than eight points were hit by Zionist missiles.